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George Al Rassi Just Released His Best Song In Years!

Remember George Al Rassi? The guy with an amazing and recognizable voice form the late 90’s? Well, he is back at this music again with a new music video to show for it. I love George and consider myself a fan of his Tarab style voice and his mature choices for songs. Now he has not quit the show business, inf act he has been singing in private functions for a very long time, but he has not been generous with new material.

His music video show him with an old man beard, a sport car and a teddy bear. Then he goes back in time to a younger himself when he was innocent and starting to fall in love. We get to see their past relationship and all its ups and downs…then it goes wrong which explains this song. Does she abuse drugs? Does he lose his cool? I love the underwater sequence, it’s so romantic that has complexity. Then we are ending with a scene in the cemetery thanks to an overdose implied.

I appreciate this song a lot and I get what George is trying to do here and whatever emotions he deployed are easily communicated thorough the song.

George Al Rassi – Wahdik Inti [Official Music Video] (2016) / جورج الراسي – وحدك انت

Directed By: Hamid Merhi
Composed By: Nicolas Shibly
Arranged By: Nicolas Shibly
Lyrics By: Toni Abi Karam
Mixed By: JimmyHaddad

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