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Published on September 27th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Great Edited Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

The finished product of a song might be different than the original draft. Amr Diab relases so many songs and so many hits, it makes it different to keep track of them. But the king of Arabic pop does often perform never before heard portions of hit songs in his life performances. Some leaked versions also find their way to the internet–maybe from the recording studio. In some cases, the music composer for the song would perform that missing chorus or verses form the song that was cut out.

Filfan did compile a great list of such songs, heard never before circulated lyrics from popular songs that we have come to love. To be candid, some of these potions are just awful and it makes sense to cut them out, but some of them are pretty awesome and cutting them makes little sense. Enjoy these extra bonus seconds of minutes for original material that you most likely hear here for the firs time.

Amr Diab remains the number one selling artists and the hottest concert ticket in town. these songs is like breathing new life into songs that we have loved and memorized.

أغنية عمرو دياب ” أيام و بنعيشها ” الكوبليه اللى منزلش بصوت الملحن محمد يحيي

عمرو دياب – قالتلى قـول ” كوبليه جديد ”

عمرو دياب – اكتر واحد بيحبك ” كوبليه جديد ”

Amr Diab – Ma’ak Bartah ( عمرو دياب – معاك برتاح ( كوبليه جديد

عمرو دياب وكوبلية جديد من اغنية اديني رجعتلك

AMR DIAB كوبليه جديد خليك معايا

أحمد الناصر ملحن كان كل حاجه يغني كوبليه محذوف من الاغنيه – عمرو دياب

كوبلية جديد من اغنية و نعيش حصريا فى الصبح بالليل

أغنية عمرو دياب – مكنتش ناوى أودعك – بصوت الشاعر تامر حسين “كوبليه جديد”


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