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Published on September 11th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Kadim Al Sahir Churns Another Epic Nizar Qabbani Song “Eid Al Ashaq”

Here’s a winning combination that has never failed us in Arabic music
Poem/lyrics by Syrian poet Nizar Qabanni, the music and voice of Iraqi musician Kadem Al Saher and you have a sure classic hit that will have a longer shelf life than most humans. To sweeten the deal get Lebanese Michel Fadel to arrange and produce the music and you have a ticket for greatness.

The combination of Nizar and Kadem has been going on for 20 so years and it is still the gift that keeps on giving. Sure the late Syrian poet left us almost 20 years ago, but the body of his work is still out there and Kadem working with the poet’s family keep introducing us to new stuff from a dead poet. The latest project and song and music video is “Eid Al Oshaq” or in English Valentine day that is.

Kadem is a lot busier and a lot bigger name than when he first started doing Nizar Qabbani songs but he is still perfecting his craft and tends to never repeat himself. There is love here and it’s the right place to have this kind of conflicting love. Here’s to another classical song brought to life by the charming and athletic Iraqi musician. Why not when he has plenty of time to workout and enjoy life in Spain where he resides. It’s amazing how perfect this Kadem Al Saher creature is. He brings a sport car for the music video which confirms his status as a guy with midlife crisis. The magic is still there and the poetry of Kadim and voice are just something of a musical experience meant to be passed from one generation to another.

I feel I need a better sound system to better appreciate this song… This is an epic love song that answers the critics, Kadim can still kick your butt. And that grand closing scene is just a gem. Thanks to Diego Hurtado De Mendoza who directed this vision and captured the essence of the song and made the beloved Kadem Al Sahir look just as good as he sounds.

كاظم الساهر- عيد العشاق | Kadim Al Sahir – Eid Al Ashaq

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