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Published on September 7th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Khaled Selim Sets The Bar High For His Latest Album #ostaz_el_hawa @KhaledSelim_ii

Khaled Selim is a true rock star from Egypt, the cross talented charming singer cum actor is out with a hot album and it’s actually pretty fun to listen to. Fall is not usually the time to release new albums but thanks to the upcoming Eid Holiday, folks are releasing more albums timed with the holidays. Khaled Selim is one of these creative music forces that strives for excellence and fresh content.

I think he did both of them here with his eleven tracks of hot pop music, the party starts strong with the first track Ostaz El Hawa is just a perfect party song that actually has something new to say. Khaled has the voice and the emotional reserve to deliver emotional experiences through his songs. His covers of Arabic music classics are really worthy of the time you gave them. But his fresh songs and original work are no less amazing.

There are dance songs, romantic tracks and one song about the poor among us and how we can help them (pretty interesting choice that stresses the importance of education)

01 – Ostaz El Hawa
02 – Habeit Hayati
03 – Seed Seedy
04 – Ya Wakhed Alby Meny
05 – Etamen
06 – Msh Aizak Tergaa
07 – Bansa El Hemoum
08 – El Amal El Akheer
09 – Insan Marfood
10 – Layali Sahran
11 – Etamen [ Remix ]

Khaled Selim – Ostaz El Hawa – خالد سليم – استاذ الهوا

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