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The Latest Composer Turned Singer Is Pretty Wicked! Mohamed Yehia #El_Floos

Mohamed Yehia has been behind some of your favorite pop hits for the past 15 years. The Egyptian composer has worked and given some music for names like Amr Diab, Elissa, Shereine, Samira Said, Tamer Hosny, Nancy Ajram, Hamaki and countless others. I am surprised by the volume of his Mohamed Yehia has authored.

Yehia has just did something interesting for himself, he released his own song where he is the vocalist. Yehia is hardely the first composer to try his hand on singing (Ramay Gamal, Tamer Ashour, Ramy Sabry, Walid Saad, Marwan Khoury,Salim Assaf, Amr Mostafa, Mohamed Rahim and so on) But Yehia did something fresh here. He released a song so different form what kind of songs he has worked on in the past.

His song is about money and it comes with a heavy dose of humor…Yehia is walling and singing straight into the camera while he is talking about different currencies. I find this song wacky in a very good way. Yehia appears to be cool and the internet will reward him for his zany personality. We see him having fun around Europe and following soccer stadiums

Mohamed Yehia – El Floos | محمد يحيى – الفلوس

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