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New Egyptian Blockbuster Shows Funny Gal And A Guy Who Can Dance!

There is an new hit movie about to land in movie theater near you, and it seems funny as hell. I say this with confidence because the funny and wacky Amy Samer Ghanem is leading it. And she has always been hilarious, tough and so sweet. It does help to have the charming actor who does anything the movie calls for Hassan El Raddad who is known to be best friend with Amy and her family.
Awesome funny movies are hard to come by in today’s Egypt, but when they do, they are a treat. Sadly though, one person comes up with a cool film and then a dozen movies come right after ruining the same concept for all of us. There is high energy and lots of zingers and stunts that give people of all ages a reason to laugh. See the film trailer below and a song from the movie is also out where Amy holds her ground and entertain even those who have forgotten who to laugh.

Even the title of the film is play on words. Hassan plays the character often times saved for female actress, this is a big credit to him for agreeing to be a co-pilot to the talented Amy.

اغنية تخاصمنى تصالحنى/- فيلم البس عشان خارجين /- حسن الرداد / ايمي سمير غانم / محمود الليثى / بوسى

الاعلان الرسمي ” لفيلم البس عشان خارجين /- حسن الرداد – ايمى سمير غانم /- فيلم عيد الاضحى 2016

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