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Published on September 1st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Nour Ireksousi Releases An Aleppo Classic @IreksousiNour #Syria

She entertained and wooed people on the Voice few years ago, now she is back to do it again. Syrian vocalist Nour Ireksousi chose to sing for a troubled Syrian city this time. She chose Aleppo because that city just like most of Syria has seen plenty of bloodshed.

You make disagree with the politics with the vocalist but you will all enjoy this song from a diva that comes from a long line of stellar Syrian music tradition. This is a powerful poem that has been turned into an epic song by home talented who love Syria and a wonderful vocalist who many see as a patriot. I am hearing this song and blown away by the vocal performance of Nour and the class that has wrapped every second of this song.

This is how legends are born, we are witnessing the making of a vocalist that for fifty years our decedents would still be celebrating. She is great from the get go but here she even has reached her finest vocal performance to date. Syria will always be a place where Arabs go to get inspired…we have seen this for generations and Nour confirms that once again today. It’s a song worthy of the city of Aleppo that has hundreds of years of music tradition. So when you think Aleppo, you cannot half do it, you ought to commit.

حلب درة الشرق – نور عرقسوسي Nour Ireksousi | 2016

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