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Published on September 9th, 2016 | by hotarabic


After Reviewing Elissa’s New Album, She Plays it Safe #البوم_اليسا_2016

Hard to be safe when you release a relatively big album with 16 tracks. Most pop stars in Arabia now settle for on average of 13 songs. But Elissa wanted to give the listener good value. There are many tracks in Egyptian dialect and style more than you are used to. But there are dark songs too. Though the albums’s leading song is a happy one with an exciting note.

Enjoy the album’s playlist below and hear Elissa play it safe by doing mostly things that she tried before and we loved. So I would say about seventy percent of the album we have heard before, this is the definition of safe. The new songs are still awesome and fresh but the vibe and mode feels too familiar.

Rotana and Elisa seem to have a long lasting partnership as this music be her fifth album with the Saudi company. They continue to make sweet songs together, defend and invest in one another. As for Elissa she continues to be the queen of feelings as her fans dub her, does she get new fans? Maybe! But she certainly does not lose anyone here (maybe the growing list of composers and lyricists who publicly feud with her)

This album has many offerings and they are existing, there are handful of songs that feel flat at least to my ears. But Elissa saves the day with an album that will be a best-seller and a new step in her path toward becoming a legend.

01 – Saharna Ya Lail
02 – Wala Baad Senin
03 – Aaks Elli Shayfenha
04 – Maliket El Ehsas
05 – Fall El Haki
06 – Motamareda
07 – Metlak Ma Fi
08 – Omry Ebtada
09 – Hatsebni
10 – Aghla El Habayeb
11 – Hakhaf Men Eah
12 – Alb W Rouh
13 – Mesh Aarfa Leh
14 – Maktooba Leek
15 – El Hodn
16 – Ya Rayt

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