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Published on September 5th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Sex Appeal And Elissa’s 2016 Music Appeal



I noticed since the release of her last album two years ago, the beloved and celebrated Lebanese hit-maker Elissa has determined to use a bit of sex appeal in her career. While she has always been attractive an romantic, since the last album and from the cover art, she has decided it’s time for her to show some legs and a bit more skin that we have come to know from her. I think it’s awesome if that’s what she wants to do and if that’s her, I think that’s a welcome move. Now even if this is marketing, it’s also good for her.

Elissa 2016 album cover 2

In few days we are about meet the latest album from Elissa which would be coming out any minute now. And I notice how the cover art speaks a bit more on the sex appeal too. I guess, Elissa and her team are trying to find new fan base who might be different form her earliest fans who by now their own families, kids and life to worry about. And it could also be attributed to the fact of the many many talented female pop stars doing similar things to Elissa and some of these names are younger, and a bit bolder. So Elissa is turning up the heat from her end. She has also shared with the world that she is in love and serious about it this time. There are rumors of who this guy is, but it seems he is a good-looking, young Lebanese businessman living in Saudi Arabia.

ELISSA – Beirut Concert

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