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Six Legendary Singers Who Released Awful Songs

Om Kulthom is the name in Arabic music that no one dares to speak ill of, she is a legend and has been so in life and death. The Egyptian diva has given us Arabs many wonderful songs and stories that we cherish. They are very long songs, but she is the scale against which we measure other artists. So you think you can sing? Show us in a cover for an Om Kulthom song and will let you know. But even great legends make blunders with some choices. Here’s the song that Om Kulthom wished to take it back. She even collected all copies of it form the market and destroyed them, she even paid back the producer for his losses. The song is about how her religion is debauchery. She released this song early on in her career and she just wanted to do what’s popular then.

أم كلثوم – الخلاعة و الدلاعة مذهبي

Mounira El Mahdeya was the big competition for Om Kulthom, she was a big name and a huge attraction in music in theater in movies. She is a true legend that lives on early and dominated all music sales for decades. She was considered the first professional female artist. She too made a bad call with a song that makes no sense, just gibberish for many ears. Many listeners did not know what to make of the song. Moneerah retired and went back to ehr favorite hobby which is to care for animals and pets
‫الحب دح دح . منيرة المهدية

In the early 1900’s there was a music legend, singer and composer Sayed Darwish. Now he is considered the greatest musician and ts single greatest composer. He dies very young at the age of 31 but before that he paved the way to the creation of Egyptian music. He landed in music theater in 1918 and helped create some of the most memorable songs that till now we celebrate. Darwish believed that genuine art must be derived from people’s aspirations and feelings…but he composed music for a terrible track about getting drunk and falling in love. I do not think this is an awful song but Darwish composed it, it’a a song about people wanting to party drunk.

Sayed Darwish
سيد درويش روح اسكر وتعالى عالبهلي

Dad marry me off sang the iconic and legendary Lebasnes/Syrian entertainer Badia Masabni. Her theater group gave the Arab world so many of its beloved singers. Fawzi, Atrach, Samia Gamal, Karyoka and so many others. She was a big name that entertained the masses but she led a miserable life. She lost her well to do father in a fire that burned their families property (soap factory) and then her moms belongs were stolen. She moved to South America where she almost became a nun on a boat, but then came back to Egypt. She lived an adventurous life and had her own business where she had a saloon.
جوزنى يا بابا ● بديعة مصابنى والسيد سليمان

While she sang early on….but she is no legend. But a well-known vocalist none the less. Her song is a bit crass for the 20’s. In fact it’s still crass in today’s standards, referring to a girl by “Mouza” and spekaing of bottles of alcohol. Bring the bottle and play with me goes the song…really? This is pretty forward for 1920s?

تعالي ياشاطر نروح القناطر بصوت الست نعيمة المصرية

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