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Good Times Abdul Majeed Abdullah In A New Single

Abdul Majeed Abdullah is not a young man anymore, gone are the days when he did pop songs for all Arabs like he did in the mid and late 90s. The beloved and respected Saudi singer mostly does local songs that meets local taste. No need for him to go to different countries like he did so well before. Why? Concerts outside of the Gulf, do not pay as well. Two, it’s harder to get good songs unless you are willing to travel and meet with talents in Lebanon and Egypt.

So Abdul Majeed Abdullah stays closer to home and sings Saudi songs that take him into places like Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE for performances. We are talking about one of the top five artists in Saudi Arabia-he is now considered a statesman and a trend-sitter among his peers. His latest love song is about the heart robber who robbed him of that which he values the most. So Abdul Majeed Abdullah is in love and this is the song he declares it once more.

The amazing thing about this single is that it has been in the top ten list for the past two weeks and it’s even among the top ten songs in Egypt’s YouTube. For a song to appeal to me it has to have three things. This song checks one box only. The voice of the artist–I am game, the music and the beat in this song are not for my taste and the lyrics are very local and feel lackluster.
عبدالمجيد عبدالله – حرامي قلوب (حصرياً) | 2016

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