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Arab Idol @MohammedAssaf89 Finds His Way Back To The Top! #Gaza #Palestine

The real Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf strikes again with a debka dance song with a big heart and a bigger sword. A song that will be a music play in every wedding in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and parts of Lebanon. The Palestinian sensation and hit-maker has been silent for a few months already. But the silence is broken with this large production for his latest joint where thousands of fans pitched in to provide footage.

David Zennie directs another music video for Assaf, a song about the swords of dignity. This is a very loud song about men and their will. Assaf breaks the song with an amazing Mawal that shows his true vocal strength. This is a reminder why Assaf was our best choice, he has a very strong voice that compares to many of the Mawal greats from around Arabia. This is the very style that made Assaf the big name he has become. This is why the world loved him–it’s that energy.  Make no mistake this is a love song that feels like a war song.

The song blends Debka and break dancing too, and Assaf is having fun making this song that will make his fans happy. The song is about love for country. I think the set and the fire help; make the music video cool, the lights too…but I think the outdoors would have helped make this is a lively experience. This Libyan born Palestinian pop star is on his way to be the next big thing and remind us once again that that hungry kid from the Arab Idol 2013 is back!

محمد عساف – سيوف العز | Mohammed Assaf – Seyouf El ezz

Lyrics by: Dr. SAEED HADIFEH- دكتور سعيد حديفة
Composed by: RAWAD RAAD- رواد رعد
Produced by: TONY SABA – طونى سابا
Studio: Tony SABA

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