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The Elegant Angham Retruns To Her Romantic Shade For #Hata_Naasa

Angham just released her second music video for the Fall, both are great songs form her hit pop gem album of 2015. But she is releasing music videos and getting ready for an already sold our concert for her at the House of Opera in Egypt. This song is one of the darker yet romantic tracks on her stellar album. The song is about having a missing piece in one’s whole. Angham knows it and she is singing about this emotional state of disconnect.

She is falling in love with this hunk with great hair and she is feeling liberating as she poses for a selfie with the man of her dreams. This song shows her softer side that helped define her career. There is so much emotions here and I think this is one of my top three songs on that album. It’s that complicated track about love its highs and lows. Angham does an impressive job opting for the simple and minimal look that is so elegant.  I love the line when Angham , “You are my love, my father, my son and my soul” so he is all these things at once.

Angham … Hata Naasa – Video Clip | انغام … حته ناقصة – فيديو كليب

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