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Published on October 10th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Elissa and Her #MAKINGOF Show How Selfish She Really Is! #saharnayaleil

Elissa shared the world a making of her album cover where naturally she is in the center of her own universe. It’s cool and normal for a big name like Elissa to care about her image and the way she looks. What is unclear is why does she have not to show interest in other people on set? Do you see that she did not even care to interact with anyone on the set but the guy with the camera?

then there was that school where she is embracing this guy, but her eye was not on the guy she is hugging but on the camera and away from him. I think it’s nice that she had a good album cover and a nice crew, but I did not see the human in Elissa , she seems to self-centered and everything around her does not matter. Sorry to break it to you Elissa, you are no Godess, you are talented for sure and people like your style and songs. Jury is out on your personality…did she ever care about anything in the world? She is always sharing things with us on the social media, but never has she taken anything humanitarian. I almost never see that human side. Maybe she have one but it’s not always about her and her image.  These folks that work with you are not faceless, nameless blobs.

Once again, good album that shows happy and romantic women but also saddened and shattered ones.

Elissa … Saharna Ya Leil – Making Off | إليسا … سهرنا يا ليل – كواليس التصوير

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