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A Fresh Album By @hossamhabib And @NogoumRecords Hits The Pop Mark!

Hossam Habib is a natural born music composer who took on singing a decade ago, but the man is still a rock star among pop stars because of his music and his high sense of musical taste. Now Hossam is back with a new album, his first in at least five years and it’s a loaded album with 11 tracks. Hossam has already shared with his fans the first two songs in the album. Yes, that brilliant duet with Sherine (Kol Ma Aghani) and that show of creative music force “Fara2 Keteer”.

Now comes the full course and it’s pretty solid! Hossam does his own path and his own style, so it’s not easy for him to do that without having to copy someone’ else’s style. He does present new material here and to be honest some of it may take some time to get used to, but this is a strong album from Hossam and from Nogoum Records who seems to have all the cool kids in Egyptian pop.

This is a first-rate romantic album with a big heart and a bigger brain. Hossam does have the look and the personalty that makes him stand tall among his peers. Even the cover art for the album feels international to me. Love the guitar work and the feel for this song. Hossam remains one of my favorite under the radar pop artists whose music one feels on a deeper level.  Once again, Hossam does not copy other pop stars, he sets the par and many follow. It’s really not an easy thing to be fresh and do something in pop that has not already been done before…but somehow Hossam and few other are able to keep pop alive.

01 – Fara2 Keteer
02 – Kol Ma Aghani
03 – Howa Habiby
04 – Te’eshy Ma’aya
05 – Hansah
06 – Rohtelo
07 – Shayef Nafsy Fik
08 – Khaliny Ma’ak
09 – Fi Kalam
10 – Ew’aa
11 – Faraa’ Keteer (Guitar Version)


Faraa’ Keteer (Album) / ألبوم فرق كتير

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