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Golden Diva @NawalElZoghbi Can be Mean Too (At Least For A Music Video) @BouEidJoe

Nawal El Zoghbi is going bold and has been doing this for the last five years. I like it because Nawal seems to have a lot more energy in her music video. She seems to want to bring the party and that shows in her choices of colors, outfits and locations for her music videos. This Nawal I like as she has adapted to this era and survived and thrived in the pop music scene for more than two decades now.

The Lebanese blonde-haired pop star filmed her single and she seems to go for a number of looks and personalities for this joint. In one shot she sells flowers, in another she is sabotaging confectionaries store. She also rides a scooter The song for me loses its soul a minute in term that the music sort of takes a nap for a minute. Then she loses her cool when he gives her a gift he bought from an attractive woman next door. The other lady loses her cool too. Why? Women are smarter than this and do not need to fight over this dude! The great news, the reviews are in and viewers and critics enjoyed this music video that puts Nawal in a good light and plays to her strengthen.  It also helps show a new side of her that makes it all too real.

There is revenge here too much of it like damaging that lady’s bike. Poor guy he has two women fighting over him but he ends up with none once he gets slapped by Nawal…he seems to like it rough. I think Nawal keeps doing fun and interesting music videos and I believe this is at least her second recent collaboration with color rich Joe Bou Eid. who seems to like those Eastern European countries for his music videos. This is a good team.

نوال الزغبي | عم بحكي مع حالي |( Nawal El Zoghbi | Am Behki Maa Hali (Music Video

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