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Millennial @YasmineTazi Unleashes Sweet Emotions For Ugly Times!

Yasmine Tazi confused so many people with her talent. She did something no one could process on the spot. Yasmine is from Morocco and she competed on Star Academy few years back (in 2011). She teamed dup with another contestant who will eventually win the title Egyptian Ahmed Ezzat.

While she is still active in the social media and often connects with other young millennial talents. She is now back with a new single. Yasmine chose to do a son in Egyptian and in the romantic shade. Naturally, this is sweet song that feels like a cinnamon bun. While the song is soft the music is pretty club grade and fast moving. You know who does Yasmine sounds like? To my ears, she sounds like Moroccan songstress Jannat who has met a lot of success in Egypt.

Yasmine sounds refined her and one can feel the beat of her heart as she races to hit the high notes and transcend. Her song does have texture and flavor so this is something that we do not have much of coming form the young artists.

Tazi made a good call here and I hope more people notice this good song that evokes beautiful emotions during those ugly times.

Yasmine Tazi – Ma3ah Ha3eesh l ياسمين تازي – معاه هاعيش

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