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Published on October 20th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Natasha’s 2016 Album Does A Great Job Doing Nancy Ajram’s Job

Natasha seems to be taking a break from doing all Khaleeji albums and dipping her toes into doing the legacy-shaping Egyptian and Lebanese songs. This is a solid album with new 8 tracks (6 songs are not Khaleeji) So get excited as this young and talented hitmaker drops a strong album.

01 – Ensani Khalas
02 – Helwa Zyada
03 – 60 3afrit
04 – Tkatheb Aleih
05 – Arooh Baladi
06 – Hannooh
07 – Sadmat Omri
08 – Hafla Kabira

Think about this Natasha has already released three full studio albums and she has been doing a wonderful job with Rotana and in Saudi Arabia where she now lives from her native Lebanon.  This is the album that she had to fight to bring to life. She could have done a lot more songs in Khaleeji and made lots of cash. But she wants to grow her fan base and this album does that with so many fun songs that show spunk and funk. Natasha is so bright for her age…and I tell you, she is a show woman who has something sweet about her voice that makes her a breath of fresh air.  Her mastery of the Egyptian dialect and style allowed her to glow here. Ever since her first album and I thought she feels like a new Nancy Ajram…and five years later I still feel she is got that thing going again.  The music video about her obsessively jealous lover is cute.

Natasha … Setteen Efreet – Video Clip | ناتاشا … ستين عفريت – فيديو كليب

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