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Syrian Hit-Maker @ZeytounNassif Gives Us Yet Another Reason To Love Him

Syrian young hit-maker Nassif Zeytoun likes to keep us interested in him. Last song he released was times for Valentine Day, it was sweet and romantic. Nassif did also release a music video for that song. But summer is the season for music, concerts, and energy. What does the young Syrian rock star do? He releases a beautiful single into the world. And the masses goes wild.

We can make the case that Nassif Zeytoun is the last great pop star and artists to graduate and to win Star Academy. He manged to maintain his stardom and his very own music personality after the program finished almost five years ago. His biggest secret is his vocal might that he puts to good use in such a way that makes it pop.

Take for example this single “Adda W Edoud” he pledges to be up to the task of making his loved one happy and safe. It’s a catchy tune with rich lyrics that really offers a range of emotions. Nassif has made it into the rank of top in-demand artists. He comes across as a genuine real warm soul that sings from the right place.

One last thing, has Nassif not been a pleasant and a modest singer, he would not enjoy the success and the relationships in this biz.

Nassif Zeytoun – Adda W Edoud [Official Music Video] (2016) / ناصيف زيتون – قدا وقدود

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