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Published on October 21st, 2016 | by hotarabic


Syrian Musician Majd El Kassem Disappoints In His 2016 Album

Maged Al Qassem (Majd El Kassem) was a star 20 years ago but he is still trying and I like that. The Syrian native pop star who has been residing in Egypt and posing as one of the local boys just released a new album in an age where few people know he is. To be fair, the guy is a talented musician with a soulful spirit. He’s got soul and a knack for making cool beats that feel authentic.

What he is not is a star who has his own niche….you cannot really think of a style for this singer. I do not see him as a brand but those who are older than 30 know a bit more about the younger music listeners. He is just doing throw away songs that are far from memorable hits. What happens to his old style when he was a hit-maker for few years in the mid-90s? What happened to this guy?

I have nothing against Majd, I thin he is a cool guy, but he is doing songs that any new kid with an okay voice can deliver. Majd is mimicking other pop artists but in the process losing his clarity. Even the title song for the album though is catchy lacks direction. It’s a better song and it might do well in Egypt with loney teens and losers. Sorry this is not the comeback album that Majd deserves. If younger folks like this album, I would not mind it…but Majd you once used to be great and I once used to be cool!

01 – Mn El Naharda
02 – Kol Bent
03 – Ya3ni Gheyabi
04 – Nos Alb
05 – Doctor Nafsany
06 – Hala W Entahet
07 – Balady Ya Rab
08 – Youm Gawazana

2016 مجد القاسم

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