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Published on October 15th, 2016 | by hotarabic


These Pop Singers Used To Have Mustaches

Hesham Abbas made his first music video and he sported a cool man stash in the early 90s. It was cute then, but few years ago the trademark mustache went away and very few people remember that hair on upper lips. But the internet is forever so here’s the music video where we got to see Hesham being the man and playing cards with his pals.
Halal Aleak – Hesham Abbas&Hamid حـلال عليك – هشام عباس وحميد الشاعرى

Assi Al Hillani from Lebanon, a place that values the mustache a lot. I still recall the dude of Lebanese pop sporting one in many of his music videos. Maybe he wanted to connect with certain demographics then…but now very few pop stars have a mustache. I must admit Assi once was a big pop star, now he is still famous but not in the pop cricles–maybe in theater, in acting and hosting.

واني مارق مريت – عاصي الحلاني

Also Lebanese rock star Ragheb Alama held into his mustache for a very long time and then it was gone in the late 90’s. It was cute before then, then it went away. I must say Ragheb is a rock solid pop star from the A list, he is a personality the world loves and follows. That mustache one of the last standing signs of manly pop stars, then it went away and it may still make a comeback.
Ragheb Alama Almtini Aheb Al Donia راغب علامة – علمتينى احب الدنيا

Rashed Al Majid might be the biggst name in Khaleeji music right now, but before he was the kingmaker he has become, was once was a scrappy pop star trying to find his path. Back then he had a mustache, and it did look good on him. The mainstream fans do not recall it, but his fans in the Khaleeji know it from the late 80’s and early 90s. The man stash went away but not Rashed’s fame.
راشد الماجد – فيديو كليب المسافر – HD

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