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Published on October 19th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Wonderful Tunisian Export @omaimataleb Releases A Solid Album #OumaimaTaleb

Oumaima Taleb had a great run on Star Academy, hell, she has a fun dance song last year with a music video that shows her playful and revenge side. But last month, she wanted to do something different, so she released a top-notch Khaleeji album with a big heart. Twelve tracks of awesome meant for the fans of Khaleeji music–those who actually pay for music. I liked the album plenty, but I fell in love with the sixth track “Ama Ana”

This is a very serious grown album for Oumaima who takes a big leap here to show that she has a very serious Tarab warm voice that sticks with you. I love those vocals, I love her sweet and broken emotions that she channels here. This Tunisian pop star has a big soul, I feel in more ways than one she is channeling another great Tunisian artist whose songs still live on years after she was tragically murdered….Zekra!

This is a bittersweet album and so many themes and just wonderful music and beautiful lyrics. I love that Rotana made this album and that Oumaima found a home to make the great music that she has within her. This is a suprising treat form a star whose voice has always been good, but now she has the choices to show it at its finest.

01 – Ahebek
02 – Akhtalef
03 – Al Skoot
04 – Al Tareeg
05 – Al Zann
06 – Ama Ana
07 – Kel Aasheg
08 – Klamak
09 – Ma Aad
10 – Ma Bega
11 – W Bel Mahaba
12 – Man Ana

Oumaima … Akhtalef – With Lyrics | أميمة … أختلف – بالكلمات

Oumaima … Akhtalef – Video Clip | أميمة … أختلف – فيديو كليب

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