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Published on October 2nd, 2016 | by hotarabic


Yemeni Fouad Abdulwahed Drops A New Album

Fouad has been hailed in 2010 the Khaleej star on that popular TV show and ever since he has been getting better. Few weeks ago, a young singer with the name Fouad Abdulwahed dropped a new album. He is Yemeni but his voice seems native to a place like Saudi Arabia, but he is also a big thing in the UAE where he recorded his music. Ealieer in his career he was known for his performance of religious songs. But that changed when he took home the title in 2010 as the big star from the Khaleej.

Not many artists can release an album with 20 songs, Fouad Abdulwahed just did that as Rotana released his album and the world cheered him on.

Fouad is awesome!

01 – Baghyer Jaw
02 – Lail We Maghreb
03 – Wala Yehemek
04 – Doctor Nafseya
05 – Kazaab Uood
06 – Hail Allah
07 – Qalbi El Sagheer
08 – La Tekaber
09 – Rashiq El Gad
10 – Ana Men Yoom
11 – Hobak Ghareeb
12 – Soat El Bab
13 – Bezamek
14 – Ya Hob
15 – We Ana Lehali
16 – Matawato
17 – Jeenakom Khotaab
18 – Khesam El Wagt
19 – Esh Damaah
20 – Nawi Shar

In Saudi Arabia, this song of his was a hit and it remains on the top ten most watched songs on YouTube.
Fouad Abdul Wahed … Lail We Maghreb | فـؤاد عبد الواحد … ليل ومغرب

but in Egypt, they liked another song by this charismatic singer. This is amazing as more and more people tune in and enjoy the music of Fouad Abdul Wahed, he and us both win. Khaleeji music does not tend to do well outside the region, but it seem Fouad Abdul Wahed has the appeal that defies dialects and music taste.
Fouad Abdul Wahed … Soat El Bab | فـؤاد عبد الواحد … صوت الباب

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