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Published on November 19th, 2016 | by hotarabic


A Brilliant New Song By @AdhamNabulsi Will Rock You To The Core #نسخة_منك

They do not make them like Adham Nabulsi anymore. The young and super-talented and emotionally mature Jordanian singer keeps churning hits and singles with every time he releases a new song. I have come to love the quality of his voice and his romantic warmth. The X Factor winner has a big fight in him that keeps him going and keeps him so good what he does. He is different and I think in very short years, he has evolved into a young singer with his own line and own signature songs.

His music is so different than the average pop song, thought mostly darker love songs about breakups and distance. He did a couple of happy go lucky tracks. This latest song is about how he is never happy with any love story because the ghosts of the past keep showing up and ruin his life. It’s a heartfelt song that really rocks me to the core. There is so much love, emotions, range and things that most people can relate to. Adham goes overboard with the rage and running bare feet shows how serious he is about getting in charterer.

Vocally the song is very pleasing and hits all the notes where Adham exhibits an amazing display for conflicted emotions. I sort of feel bad for his current woman–she did nothing wrong. Her only fault is that she is not that woman. Adham has yet to release a studio album but so far and at the rate he is going, he may not need to.

Adham Nabulsi – Naskha Mennik (Music Video) / ادهم نابلسي – فيديو كليب نسخة منك

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