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Published on November 19th, 2016 | by hotarabic


@elissakh Falls For A Good-Looking Criminal #saharnayaleil @angyjammal

I do not think many people will consider Elissa as someone who lives life on the edge. The romantic songs’ hit-maker has always played it safe in real life and in her career choices. This year though, she filmed a music video that seems to far from all her previous works. She is smoking, smuggling her loved one, and tipping him off when the police arrive. Then going in car chases around town, running from the police, breaking the law all while having fun.

It’s safe to say that things are changing around us, and Elissa has grown so much since her late 90’s days. We are too growing up and getting distracted from being the kind of romantic Elissa has been selling for almost 20 years. The music video is pretty neat as it shows a side of Elissa that makes hr a bit cool. She does not seem to be so in real life, event her sense of humor is not well-known. Here she is doing all the dangerous things and enjoying life in the company of this handsome thug. This is a fun music video, love the news bit when Elissa stops by the gas station to grab a snack.  Then the club scene arrives and Elissa has no care in the world as she DJs the party.

Rotana makes sure Elissa is happy with them, she keeps giving them hits that keep the company exciting and relevant. Angy Jammal tries something different and convinces Elissa to do this music video that she shot in a perfect way with the hope to bringing new fans Elissa’s way.

Elissa …. Saharna Ya Leil – Video Clip | إليسا … سهرنا يا ليل – فيديو كليب

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