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Hind of Bahrain (aka The Arab Beyoncé) Stuns In Latest Music video

Hind of Bahrain has a new music video about her demons. Hind is cool cat of Khaleeji pop, she has been around for more than a decade and well-known regionally. She was one of the early pop stars who came on the cusp of the age of the internet. She did make waves in the good sense.

Her song is about rage, and there is a guy smoking into a mirror. Hind has gone bold for this latest music video, she is doing something very few Khaleeji female artists can pull, which s a high sense of fashion. Hind’s song is about her demons who encourage her to do all crazy things when she is upset. At least she acknowledges their presence.

Known as the butterfly of Al khaleej, and she is one of the fixtures in female pop and Bahrain’s’ number one singer. She launched her career in 2004 and got a divorce soon after which broke her heart. She has also been dubbed Arab Beyonce. She has released five albums already and a dozen music videos. This is a welcome change of directions for this talent who has the voice and the moves of a pop diva.

قامت شياطيني ( كليب ) – هند البحرينية | Gamt Sheyatene ( Clip ) – Hind AlBahrenya

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