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Iraqi Rock Band UTN1 Revisits An Old Favorite! @HASSANUTN1 @UTN1_Band

In the seventies Iraqi singer was the singing bird of his era…but one Iraqi band wanted to bring back this artists’ hits from those easy times. So UTN1 band dropped a new song cover voiced by them with new musical arrangements. They chose a celebrated hit by Fadel Awad. Fadel is the country music and Baghdad style voice who hold a PhD in Arabic Literature. He is known for loving poetry and composing so many songs, but he also studies the traditional Sufi music and playing the Oud. No wonder why this hip rock band chose to do a song of his more than 40 years later.

Here’s my take on the cover: It starts strong and pulls you in…you hold for a second and then the lead vocalist’s voice offers a sweet dose of romantic heaven nostalgia that takes one back to the good days (do have any other way?)….then comes the other vocals and the verses, it’s pretty clear this is an Iraqi song that has a crossover appeal….well done…it does feel a bit Greek to my ears….but I do not want to stop this song…it goes and it feels great…then it finishes…as an original yet familiar track… it’s a good song to drive your car too, workout or just dance…

Though Dr. Fadel retired from singing and went back to teaching in Libya, he is now more than happy in his study where he is deep into his religious and language studies. I am glad that UTN1 has introduced me to yet another hidden Iraqi legend.

UTN1 – Alek As’al ( Lyrics Video ) عليك أسال 2016

Fadel Awad I ask about you فاضل عواد عليك أسـال

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