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Kuwaiti Nawal @NAWALalq8iya Reminded Us Why She Is The Greatest!

Nawal remains the most respected female voice in the Khaleej region. She is a Kuwait national but a broad name recognition in the Arab world. Sure, there are other female artists making great art, but no one of them has the fan base the level of respect enjoyed by Nawal. Even those who do not like Khaleeji music have tremendous respect for this singer that only shares with us news about her music and not drama in her life of personal things.

When she released her album two months ago, I thought that was awesome as Nawal is God’s gift to the Khaleeji song. Her voice is just something beiatful but her emotions is what makes her the legend she has become. She is so romantic and her songs travel well into other Arabic localities. Becuase folks get her genuine emotions and feel ecaxtly what she sets out to do. The story captured in her music video is pretty great about nostalgia and about being a little girl in love but going agasint one’s familie’s wishes. Nawal is married to a composer and a singer and she resided in Turky to keep her privacy but also to focus on her music. Here she tells a legendary love story about a young woman in love and that young woman does resemble Nawal.
Nawal … Misel El Nasseem – Video Clip | نوال … مثل النسيم – فيديو كليب

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