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The Mint Song Gets Its Own “Mahragan” @HanyMahrous

I liked the original song by Mostafa Hagag when it came out two years ago, but now the studio and production company that brought it to life is bastardizing the lovely hit. I do not like Mahraganat music–I think it’s poor taste despite the million horny teens who find this songs interesting. Not to be elitist but to be fair , the music genre is interesting when it began but now it became a place for all those who lack talent.

NJ Records found a guy whom they believe can deliver some success for them with this popular music. L-Attar who spells his name in such a cool way. This is Sha’abi music that has been against ground in Egypt in the past few years. Some find is entertaining, I find it too much auto-tune!

العطار – مهرجان يا منعنع | L-Attar – Mahragan Ya Mna3na3

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