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This Old Amr Diab Song For The Little Ones!

Amr Diab has done many things throughout his career. He starred in films, and he did dozens of commercials and ads for various companies. And yes he recorded so hundreds of sangs and tens of albums where he is the number one hit maker in the Middle East. He has also been the subject of so many documentaries, programs and talk shows.

But one thing he is not-known for is his children songs. the guy did two songs for his girls in their namesake. But it took some work to unearth this vintage song for him and a music video made for kids and with many of them. It has to be from the early 90s or very late 80s. It’s a bout butterfly. It’s a simple jingle that feels like a children song.

Amr Diab is looking the part with that green outfit making him look like a nurse. The other outfit he wears is also rad. This is filmed inside some rides. This is one luck butterfly.

كنت صاحبت فراشة – عمرو دياب – اغانى اطفال زمان

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