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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Salim Assaf: Lebanese Musician Releases His Debut Album @AssafSalim

Lebanese musician Salim Assaf has been making music for a really long time, but just this month he released his first full album. Though he has been releasing singles for for many years for songs that he really enjoyed performing. Some of such songs have became instant hits in the romantic Lebanese circles. But even before then Salim has been writing lyrics and music for other singers and he has made many of them famous. But then he started performing these songs (written by Assad but performed by other beloved hit-makers) with his voice, and people liked him for it.

He is hardly the first composer to become singer, there are dozens of those in both Egypt and Lebanon. But Salim took his time to make the transition. Which explains why this album is such a worth cause for celebration. Salim has a good ear and knows exactly what makes a hit such, so he followed his own formula and shared twelve different tracks in his album with us. There are different moods, energies, musical notes and styles, but mostly he sticks to romantic and flirty in unmistakably Lebanese tradition.

The numbers are looking good for Salim as he is already claiming more than top spot on music charts inside and outside of his motherland. One song got more than 1 million views in under a week. Why? He makes the Lebanese song that manged to have a universal appeal that has the soul but also musical template to make it go viral. While some of these songs has been previously released as singles by Salim, the artist presents three new works that stole the show.

Perhaps in a telling fashion, Salim maintains he is not competing against any other artist and that he made this album for himself first and for the fans. He would still give some of his work to other artists but he will only take those songs that work for him and his line.

Ah Ya Bayi
Shu Helwi
Al Jabal
Eza Fik
Mesh Khayef
Ya Sheti
Lawwali Albi
Serti Eli
Kawalis Al Madina
Enti Meen
Saret Arous

Salim Assaf – Ah Ya Bayi [Lyric Video] (2016) / سليم عساف – اه يا بيي

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