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Published on November 15th, 2016 | by hotarabic


When The Sound System Sucks Legends Like Mounir Die!

Mohamed Mounir is a big deal in Arabic pop, he is the local boy who made an impact and took his little village music and stories and told it to a larger audience. So he is the voice of Egypt as they call him and his fans invite him to perform around the world. He is a cool dude who may have his own style and brand.

But one of the problems why many Arabic live concerts stink is the lack of a decent audio system. It’s a costly system to have and maintain and it requires a whole team to make sure it works well. It seems during one of his recent live performances, the sound system was a bust and Mounir was not too happy with it. You can tell, he tried to make it work but looking at the audience and you see they are not hearing him or his music, so there’s a disconnect.

I am beginning to understand why all the big names in Arabic pop have their own sound system and their own teams that oversees them. Something that makes it a bit pricey to hold a concert in Egypt where ticket prices are lower than in places like Dubai. Mounir sells bit venues and delivers great performances, I think he deserves a better sound system. Maybe it’s the promoter who wanted to skimp on the expenses.

محمد منير – عطشان | Mohamed Mounir – Aatshan | LIVE 2015

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