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Stupid Arab Guy Song, Take No Prisoner Mindset

Love is not a war, but leave it to some Arab singers, you would think they are talking about a battlefield and know little about compromise and finding another love. This is the gist of the song by Hussein Al Deek, the Syrian artist whose father is folksy Syrian hit-maker Aly Al Deek.

Hussein’s profile has been getting bigger as he steps out of the shadows of his old man and do his own concerts and songs in his very own style. The song that you will see below was watched 1,002,405 times on YouTube. There’s more than one right person for us. In reality, many know this but they would be too afraid to admit it. But not Hussein who sings here in a song “Either I have you or nobody.” Great punch line for teens

Hussein Al Deek – Gheirik Ma Bakhtar (Official Clip) / حسين الديك – غيرك ما بختار

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