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Vintage! When Ahmed Mounib Met Mounir And Dalida

There are many authentic voices in Egyptian traditional music, bu there are few of those voices coming from Southern Egypt, the land of music at every corner. Right now we have Mohammed Mounir representing that tradition–he is mostly great. Mounir is a legend in the making though he seems to have done less to bring the next generation of artists from that part of Egypt. He did work with Shando–but he stiffed him and Aly Hussein is pegging him to collaborate with him, still gets no call back.

But Mounir’s mentor was a lot more generous with his time and experience. Ahmed Mounib is no longer with us, the guy who had a oud and so many stories to tell.Check out this vintage video from a jamming session with at least four musicians, We know Mounib, Mounir, Dalida, and a German oud player and musician Roman bonka. This is history that was in the making where legends show their friendly side and get along making music for fun. Dalida seems not to have had her chance then, but she was listening and Mounir was leading the singing with his energy and that youth hunger.
Ahmed Mounib, Mounir & Dalida – جلسة نادرة تجمع احمد منيب ومحمد منير وداليدا ورومان بونكا

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