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Published on November 22nd, 2016 | by hotarabic


WATCH: Myriam Fares and Flo Rida Duet

Myriam Fares likes parties, she is the serious star you bring to your concert–she brings out the party animal inside of your attendees. Perhaps this is why that soda company matched her with Flo Rida, the rapper who’s no novice to parties and good times.

See the short video of their upcoming song that will be released soon. Myraim leads with a Tarab song–where her vocals are in the center stage, and then along comes Flo Rida swinging  Myraim joins the dance floor and the song switches gears.

The Lebanese pop star is good for business, she is already the face of google+, now you can surfe Google+ while enjoying a cool soda–that will make you fat.
Myriam Fares and Flo Rida

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