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Published on December 28th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Indie Diva @FayrouzKarawya Gives Egyptian Music Fans Some Hope

Indie music leading lady Fayrouz Karawya will be performing year-end concerts and holiday parties around those Egyptian hot spots. The intellectual vocalist who shot to fame four years ago with her bold and independently themed tracks. Fayrouz tackled issue of the day, romance, politics, society and all the cool things young people are doing in Egypt.

With at least two professional studio albums under her belt, this indie artist is releasing a song from a live performance where she seems to be living an experience on stage. Something about these indie bands is appealing because many of the themes of pop music are just tired. Fayrouz fills a niche that sophisticated people of Egypt are thirsty for. I like her style and just love her sense of humor that makes her songs so much better. She is a free-spirited artist with a powerful story to tell and I have come to appreciate that about her. Thought the track before is more philosophical that the medium allows. We have wacky cool songs like Eskimo to enjoy

The mode in Egypt however is not what it used to be and event indie artists are either running for their lives or just self-censoring.

P.S. I still have not forgiven Ms. Karawya for releasing that anti democracy song in 2013 (in an effort to appease the demagogue) which aided the army to take over that country and turned in into a cautionary tale.
Fayrouz Karawya – Garabt (Mazagang edition) / فيروز كراوية- جرَّبت

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