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Published on December 27th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Saudi Singer Sings I Believes In Jesus…With Caveat @AboaliMosa

No one saw this Christmas song coming, but the Saudi artists who stand behind it. A very good song about how all Muslims believe in Jesus and Mary. Pretty standard so far. But then the singer goes into lecture mode and tell us what Jesus was not the son of God and that he is not party of the trinity…etc. Why did such a cool idea has to be ruined? I mean most people know that Muslims do believe in Jesus and they also know the rest of the story, but why do we need to remind people on Christmas day of it?

What the singers fail to see that they have the right to believe what they believe and others are entitled to believe whatever! We do not have to think alike like they do in Saudi Arabia. I think we should respect others. We need not to go and force our believes with them or worse do some missionary work while wishing them a Merry Christmas. The other line in the song that I take issue with is that Jesus has told that Mohammed will be coming after him as a prophet. I know these stories too well…. live and let live!

Some people did not even like the Cross scene where Jesus is on the Cross. So now comes a promise of a new cut form this now viral video and song. I think it’s fair to debate these issues but not on the day of the celebration. It’s like if someone did a song for the Eid Al Adha and said in that song that Abraham wanted to sacrifice Issac and not Ismael. I think most of us agree on Mary and how great she will always be.

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