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“I am Coming Home, Syria” New Song By @HazemSharifpage #راجعلك_سوريا

Arab Idol (Winner of its third season) Hazem Sharif has made it big in the years after the show. Though he has yet to release an album, he has already released half a dozen of singles that blazed the music charts and showed us what this young artist has to offer in this pop world. The guy who is made perfect for light romantic songs with a hint of blues returns and plays a new song where she showcases every single range of emotion he has.

Nothing will be as good as this new song by Hazem dedicated for his expats who ran away around the globe due to the civil war. In a provocative facebook post, the young Syrian artists seemed to celebrate the victory in Allepo and he is calling it that his country is making a comeback.

When it comes to Syria, we all have opinions that assign blame on one party or another. Hazem goes beyond that and speaks truth about the struggle of those who were forced to leave home. Being away from one’s home sucks…so I hope peace comes to Syria. I no longer care who is right or wrong.

Hazem did mange to be vague on the politics of Syria, but this time he seems to removed all doubts about where he stands.
حازم شريف – راجعلك سوريا 2017 Hazem Sharif – Raje3lek Souria (lyrics

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