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Published on December 5th, 2016 | by hotarabic


Disgusting! Fat (And Unfunny) Egyptian Dude Body Shames A Funny Egyptian Actress!

Funny Egyptian actress Shaima Saif was on what supposed to be a light fun show with three talentless hacks took a wrong turn when one of the hosts mockingly asked Shaima about her diet. “Is this you before or after the diet?” Shaima did not like that question and tried to hold her ground…but then the obnoxious obese hack thought he got a funny bone so he pushed it and said “I need to ask you your weight before and after the question” alluding to Shaima’s diet and weight.

Shaima who starred on a number of funny Egyptian movies (I Like her in Abu Shanab) put these guys in their place and showed them as jerks. Good for her her, she should not put up with unfunny insensitive overgrown juvenile hacks. I think they owe her an apology and that guy should apologize and perhaps be out of a job.

Why do guys think they have the right to criticize women? What made him think he gets a pass by bullying this young woman on his low-rated show? Chuvnestic?
ثلاثى ضوضاء الحياة – النجمة شيماء سيف تتعرض لــ سؤال محرج وتترك الحلقة .. تعرف على التفاصيل

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