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Published on December 9th, 2016 | by hotarabic


When She Leaves You For Another Man, Play This Song!

If you are a sweet romantic guy who means well and was real about his emotion in a romantic relationship and you got the short end of the stick, you may be in shock. It does hurt to be left for another man, it’s not common enough but it happens. When this happens to you, not to worry, we have just the song for you.

It’s easy to go crazy and call her names, and tell her to go to hell. But let’s not forget you are the sweet guy who means well and had good intentions. Hany Shaker did release a song for just that and he did it more than a decade ago. I remember when it was released it was such a big hit. Yes, Hany is big on the melodrama, he has performed just the song for each of these scenarios like a man who enjoys living in the shadows.

Hany’s music video is even touching. Guy falls in love with a lady and things are serious. He does have a life changing experience while her is working on site as an engineer. Then he loses the ability to being able to walk. She of course loves him about he is no longer the same person. She moves one with another man and breaks his heart for ever. But he is left alone and she marries another guy (seriously, the guy did nothing wrong) Anyhow Hany Shaker manged to break this lady’s heart by showing up at her wedding with flowers on his wheelchair.

So Hany Shaker is singing about the other guy and how she thinks about her and if she thinks about their past when she is with this guy. He ask her if it’s cheating if she thinks about him when she is with him.

Hany Shaker Bethebeih | هاني شاكر بتحبيه

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