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Published on December 26th, 2016 | by hotarabic


The Muslim Christmas Song Arrives Thanks @RaefMusic

Raef did not want his fellow Muslims to be enjoying Christmas without having a song for them. Raef who was raised in America knows how special Christmas is and how many cultures comes to celebrate this day even those who might not be observant. We need not to forget that Christmas all started in the Middle East, so it’s a local celebration for many of us. We have that claim to this holiday, so Raef is joining the party with this release.

Raef has released so many American songs into a Muslims flavored track. This time, he took Deck the Halls and made it into a Muslim jingle. At the least the kids can enjoy it. The song is pretty neat as it talks about Christ, and it shows the fireplace and cookies.

Raef – The Muslim Christmas Song (Deck the Halls Cover)

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