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Published on December 29th, 2016 | by hotarabic


See @josephattieh Finish 2016 With A Big Bang! #Rouh

Joseph Attieh surprised me and millions of his fans with the release of a single that went big! The hit was released few weeks ago and the title “Rouh” as in go. It’s an angry love song that has one of these games lovers play on each other when they play hard to get. Joseph captured those feelings in a hip and energetic songs that gets the listener to move their feet and hips in excitement. I remember enjoying the song at first time, and then hoping the shuffle would play it again.

The Star Academy alum has event dropped a music video for the song and it seems to be getting a lot of attention.There is even a story that the police in Lebanon took an issue with it because it features few officers. Joseph would not let a bad romance get in the way of his having fun and enjoying being single. So Joseph goes to a nightclub and dazzles young women with his good looks and youth.  Vocally speaking, the song leaves me satisfied, the storyboard is pretty insane where a lady loses her cool with Joseph. There are so much rage and anger in this song.

Also, Joseph’s white outfit is pretty chic and bold. Seriously, the song is like an energy drink for the soul. I do not think that women are that crazy, passionate yes, deranged not so much. Well done Joseph, you have delivered a wonderful hit that will make sure you will be seen around many year-end parties and concerts. Your performance feels coming form the gut and it lands where it is intended to.

Joseph Attieh – Rouh [Official Music Video] (2016) / جوزيف عطية – روح

Produced By: JWM Production
Directed By: Bahaa Khaddaj

Lyrics By: Emile Fahed
Composed By: Jihad Hadchity
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Mix & Mastering By: Mohamad Mak-Hour

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