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Published on December 23rd, 2016 | by hotarabic


The All-female Iraqi Music Bands With Sahar Taha in #Lebanon سحر طه

They band Ishtaroot formed din Lebanon in 2004, all-female band members, all from Lebanon but the lead is from Iraqi, and their love for all things Iraqi music unites them. See them perform a live show in the city of Beirut inside the Iraqi cultural center. The lead vocalist and lute player is Sahar Taha, the daughter of Iraq who wants to remind us, Iraqi music can also be happy.

The heritage from Iraqi tends to be on the sadder sides, but Sahar wants to show the happy side too, and that was the theme of the night she headlines. Get this, Sahar also holds an MBA, then she went into music, and she enriched the music scene at home and abroad. She has also worked on a number of newspapers, and later on ART, she feels at home in Lebanon, no wonder that her music brings Iraqis home. Checkout the video below and checkout her music and albums.

سحر طه تفتتح رمضان بأمسية تراثية عراقية في بيروت

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