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As The UAE Celebrates Its National Day @AssafSalim Joins Them

The best thing to happen to Lebanese pop in years just dedicated a song to the best thing to happen to Arabia’s visionary leadership. That’s Salim Assaf composing and performing a song for the UAE. Cool? Salim does visit Dubai often and like so many Arabs and Lebanese, he likes that place and is impressed by it. Comes this heartfelt song with a mellow tune.

The Lebanese hit-maker is riding a high wave from success of his debut album but that won’t stop him for creating new songs that celebrate important milestones.

Usually national and patriotic songs like these often has a lot of shouting and loud music. No , not Salim he still hold on to his style and clam as he sings his heart out for that nation. The song is about a united house just like the seven emirates that make up the UAE. I think this is a welcome change in these songs that sings outside of the script but inject so many emotions that seem genuine. Salim celebrates the past, the present and the future…I think a lot of people and even those who does not live in the UAE can appreciate this song.

Salim did sing for Lebanon on many occasions, to the best of my knowledge this is the first time he is singing for an Arab country. I hope one day his voice will bless the city of Jerusalem with a song/
Salim Assaf – Al Bayt Motawahed [Lyric Video] (2016) / سليم عسّاف – البيت متوحّد

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