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Published on January 19th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Bizarre! Mohamed Mohie Releases New Song And Thanks Himself

I like Mohamed Mohie, he is a man known for the blues and the very dark shade of romantic songs that invite the listener to shed some tears, really. His songs are about regrets and about the past, and it’s always awful with him. But it seems his style is a brand of his and he lives it in real life.

I do not thing he is a depressing person in real life, but his songs are certainly pretty much so. This is why the internet has been joking about him. First the title of his song was so gloomy and bleak….”I fear what is coming” and then someone made a mock list of the songs’ title–each of them invites you to commit suicide. Which prompted the singer and his press team to refute the songs and deny that those are the real names for the upcoming songs. Then another joke came along, the title song in the promo cover art, the singer is giving himself credit for song by saying “Special thanks to the big artist Mohamed Mohie” Sure, it;s strange!

Now let’s talk about he song itself, it’s pretty nice work of pop art. It’s one of the best singles for this year. It’s grown up song about the reality of today’s world we live in. I think Mohamed Mohie makes a wonderful funeral singer. He is the artist you want to sing at your funeral as his songs are pretty close to eulogies. He is a seasoned artist and a name many young pop artists revere.

Mohamed Mohie – El Khof Mn Ely Gai / محمد محيي – الخوف من اللي جاي

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