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Published on January 13th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Bossy Is About To Become The 4th Amazing Lady of Egyptian Pop @craftmediaeg

Egyptian pop and movie star Bossy has a new cheery song urging her fans to laugh. Why would not they? This is the Egyptian mantra, do not worry and be happy. They have to be like this since the country seems to be going to hell in a fast car.  Bossy gets them to take a mental break from all the sadness in their lives and in exchange she gets to make more money. I like Bossy’s voice, she has a top-notch quality voice that would do amazing things should she chose to do Tarab songs. I think she will amaze a lot of people as I see her worthy. Sure she started in Sha’abi music and the kind of music the poor masses appreciate. She also done a lot of wedding songs and weddings.

But I think she is talented and people are starting to notice that as she gets better songs and material that allowed her to shine and compete with the top three female artists in Egypt (Angham, Sherine, and Amal Maher) I think Bossy has something to offer. I like this song and think it serves a good purpose as Egypt and Arabia have seen much sadness. Big credit goes to the team behind the song and Craft Media and its owner Hamdy Badr.

Pousi – Ed7ak | بوسي – اضحك

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