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Cairo Steps And Few Vocal Friends Bedazzle The Troubled Nation of Egypt @BasemDarwisch

The Egyptian band Cairo Steps just out on a great live show in the Egyptian house of opera where they dazzled with their music, their lyrics, energy and stories. I love the vocalists here and the guests from around the world who came to entertain and appreciate a rare musical event in a troubled country. There is some close to perfection performances, but what is the most astonishing thing about this is how so many different musical styles, and elements were blended in this show. It’s never easy to get fusion right, it’s even more complicated to do live fusion with different languages and different musical scales.

This video from a concert that took place late last month, there are all-Egyptian musical styles and one shared message, asking for mercy from the Lord. This is what is called Darweesh style that blends worship with entertainment.  The crafty work of Basem Darwisch who is on the Oud is present yet does not drown out the other talents.  The vocal guesats of Monika George , Peter Ghattas , Ali El Helbawi combined by Sheikh Ihab Younis make one impressive line up.
Cairo Steps – Je Nai Nan / Monika George, Peter Ghattas , Sheikh Ehab Younis & Ali El Helbawi

live Concert on 18.12.16 Cairo Opera House
arrangements and Idea Cairo Steps
Cairo Steps feat Monika George , Peter Ghattas , Ali El Helbawi &
first time : Sheikh Ihab Younis
Geust of Honor : Dr. Inas Abdeldaiem Flute

Basem Darwisch Oud
Sebastian Borkowski Sax
Sebastian Müller Schrobsdorff Piano & Conducting
Rageed William Duduk
Stefan Hergenröder Bass
Ragy Kamal Kanoun
Max Klaas & Hani Alsawaf Percussions
Strings Jan Boshra / Emad Azmy / Shereen Azmy / Ahmed Tarek / Amir Akhnoukh / Maria Voigt / Angelika Loew Beer
Dr. Wessam Amin Oboe
Sound Eng Mafdy Thabet
Mix / Master Sebastian Müller Schrobsdorff

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