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Published on January 9th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Intellectual Diva @majidaelroumi Shines In A Surprise Winter Hit #La_Tasal

Magida El Roumi returns with a surprise single, the all-class and grace Lebanese vocalist has a new hit song that has the signature of the beloved musician Marwan Khoury. It’s a perfect winter song with that lovely voice we have come to appreciate for generations. The song starts right away by telling you, it will be different, the music feels warm and fuzzy. Magida goes to tell her lover, do not ask about my news, you are my news–the only news that matters. It’s a love song that feels French to me in the way the romance and the music pair so well to tell a story in an intimate way. I think the music Marwan composed is worthy of a legendary diva of the stature of Magida.

The crafty lyrics of Dr. Souad Al Sabah play like a detailed painting in the most prestigious museum. I love how this accomplished lady poet from Kuwait created and captured an experience that often most men miss. Once again Magida delivers a knock out that makes Arabic music worth not giving up on. She picked a winner and made us all winners for having hope in this time of despair. A song that makes me think I should be sitting next to a fireplace surrounded by my loved ones as we roast chestnuts and swap stories. I know the older fans will cheer this songs and the younger ones will feel the song as they know it will give them some credit for finally finding a decent song by someone their parents love.

To recap, a wonderful team of artists got together and have created a masterpiece that bundelled the fine property of the Gulf and the Lebanese music sophistication and class.

Magida El Roumi … LA Tassal – With Lyrics | ماجدة الرومي … لا تسأل – بالكلمات

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