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The Classy Diva Nagat Releases Her First Song In 25 Years #نجاه_الصغيره #كل_الكلام

The studies that treated this song were in Egypt, France and Greece. The lyricist behind is none other than the late Abdelrahman Abanoody whose last collaboration with Nagat was on her all-time hit “Oyoon Al Alb”. The force that brought this song to life is the anonymous Saudi music composer that goes by the name Talal! Talal is rumored to be a Saudi prince. He wanted this collaboration and he knows all of us out there would love to hear from Nagat. He is right and now we have a song by Nagat who quit the music business decades ago. Keep in mind Nagat is 78 years old right now!
The story behind the song started in early 2016 when Nagat called the late Abanody’s spouse (Nihal Kamal) and expressed her desire in singing “Kol Al Kalam”. Nihal welcomed the idea, so Nagat jumped into action and entrusted Al Moojy Al Sagher with the music. Turkish musicians were used and two months in recording studios with Nagat’s presence the song was wrapped. Nagat wanted the song to be recorded outside of Egypt to avoid any leaks and to avoid being seen by the press. Nagat would stay in her hotel in Greece and avoid going out in public and when she was due in the studio she would not have a set time.

Now, the Saudi production company released the song and it came in 12 minutes. This is a really impressive comeback from Nagat and this is the first song by her in at least 25 years. Find the music video for the song and note that old images for Nagat, but let us spend more time on the actual song and less on the image.  I must say Talal did a wonderful job with the music, he is a reliable talent. Nagat sounds great…just like her old self–the delicate angel.

Kol El Kalam – Nagat كل الكلام – نجاة

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