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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by hotarabic


@Eida1Almenhali, The Voice of the Emirates In A Winning Music Video #صدكم

I find is refreshing that Emirate singer Eidha Al-Menhali releases on average a new song every two weeks. And he make them all hits with his distinct voice and style that scream, UAE folklore. He does romance like few could in this rugged nation of his where men showing emotions is considered a sign of weakness. But Eidha made it cool showing one’s emotions, almost five illion views in a week say that this guy knows how to make hits. I came to know of him more than a decade and half ago when he did that duet with Diana Hadad and I knew we have something good here with his strong voice.

He is even making a music video here despite that fact he has made so few of them in his career. He is telling a love story with a folkloric taste. I really appreciate it from him as he almost never talks to the press and instead focus on spending a great deal of time singing and working on new songs. Here, he is doing something different, as oppose to showing cool gadgets and fancy rides, he is going back into time and doing a retro song that feels timeless, innocent and entertaining. Eidha, keep up the great work in turning these mighty words and lyrcis into sone of the finest pop songs in the Khaleej region. Eidha is called the voice of the Emirates for a good reason.

عيضة المنهالي- صدكم (فيديو كليب حصري) 2017

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